Monday, November 3, 2014

A Wild "Mormonism" Appears

A short simple thought that occurred to me . . .

I couldn't sleep last night. I stayed up thinking of God, and religion, and the many questions I have. An analogy came to me then -- I guess it was some kind of realization on how it is that the church functions and grows. A metaphor for its functionality, if you will.

You hear things thrown around like, "the church is an organism," but I came to the realize that it isn't simply -- or perhaps not so simply -- an organism. An organism implies a single entity. One "thing" with parts that each person must contribute to. "I am the arm," or "I am the eyes" or, we compare it to "I must do my part for the whole to function." But this is, again to simplistic. The church, I came to realize in my metaphoric state is a species. The church has to change over a greater amount of time. It needs to evolve, as a species does (where an organism does not). It must evolve according to its environment, its culture, and population. Part of this evolution must involve -- through time -- weeding our parts, and adding others.

This perhaps can be broken down into further, more individualistic parts, but to do so can also diminish its meaning as a whole analogy. Rather, suffice it to say that all parts are present, and needed in many different capacities, even in negative (or maybe seemingly so) ones.

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