Friday, November 7, 2014

One Sentence On How You Perceive God

A while back I began asking people the question, "How do you perceive God?" and I got a number of responses back. All were wonderful. I left the question wide open and let them answer in any way they wished. Now, I want to share some of the responses I got. (Some may be longer than 1 sentence. The title is a lie).

"I think he is most interested in people and how we treat each other."

"He is the supreme overseer and director of the universe and he is the father of all mankind . . . In order to discover God one must be humble, sincere, and honest with him."

"I was always told, that he is everywhere, He is in everything. It is through my experience that I have learned, that even as he is in everything, he is very much so, also in our hate, for hate drives us to see. But do we see clarity, or do we see madness."

"He is a loving Father that loves us no matter what . . . I am loved with more energy that the sun will ever produce."

"He is my Father and since I am His child, I must have some qualities that are in me. Same with the rest of the human race. Everyone has a piece of God in them."

"I'm at a point now, where if I can get to a place of stillness and openness of mind, I perceive God in everything. Mostly in people."

"I met God, she is black . . . I am grateful for my God who has taught me compassion and connection. And who continues to push the boundaries of the view I have of Him, of Her, of this life, and of this universe."

"God is something else entirely. He was never human like you and I are. He does not have a father or mother he just simply exists. He was here first he was the one that created all things. He is in a way all things."

"All my exposure to God (God as a person) is second or third hand. Second hand in my exposure to the grace of interacting with other people. Third hand in my exposure to the grace reported by others (esp. in scripture). Both boil down, I guess, to my acquaintance with grace."

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